She played dead to survive the massacre

She played dead to survive the massacre
Original in El Tiempo
Translation by Charles Utwater II

The only survivor of the massacre in which five young men died, flattened by gunfire, on Sunday night stated that she made herself [appear to be] a corpse when one of the four individuals pulled her by the hair after they fired to see if she responded and was still alive.

The young mother of four children, Wendy Molina (32), who was impacted by several bullets on her body, none potentially lethal, left the Escuela Hospital hours after the attack.

In the bloody deed, which occurred in sector six of Colonia Villanueva, Marcos Vinicio Matute Acosta (38), Kennet Josué Ramírez Rosa (23), Gabriel Antonio Parrales Zelaya (34), Roger Andrés Reyes Aguilar (23) and Isaac Enrique Soto Coello (24) died.

"A little white bus (van) stopped and men in camouflage gear [lit. mottled men] told us to throw ourselves to the ground, four masked police with black caps," and then they fired explained the woman after having left the assistance center.

The woman told Radio Globo that the four men threw them to the ground and then fired. Instants later was when one of the subjects lifted her by the hair to see her reaction, but she played dead.

Afterwards, various neighbors arrived who helped them and called paramedics from the healthcare services who immediately took her to the Escuela Hospital.

The Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH) asked the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (CIDH) for protective measures to protect the [physical] integrity of the young woman and all her relatives.

The relatives of Kennet José weep inconsolably just outside the morgue

The young woman Wendy Molina, the only one to survive the mass killing by playing dead, was hit by several bullets, but none was potentially lethal.