Ros-Lehtinen invites golpistas to U.S. Congress

Members Briefing with Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal - 10/21, 1:00 pm

From: The Committee on Foreign Affairs - Minority Staff
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Date: 10/14/2009

Support Free and Fair Elections in Honduras
Members Briefing with Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal

Wednesday, October 21st, 1:00 pm
Room TBD

October 14, 2009

Dear Colleague,

On Wednesday, October 21st, the members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras will join us to discuss the elections scheduled to take place in Honduras on November 29, 2009.

No matter how one views the current situation in Honduras, it is critical that these elections remain separate and independent from the current political fray. And, as more and more attention is placed on the legitimacy of the Honduran elections, it is important to recognize that the date of these elections, the presidential candidates, and the presidential term were determined nearly a year ago and nothing has changed since.

This briefing will help us to better understand what measures are being implemented to ensure that these elections will be carried out in a free, fair, democratic, and transparent manner. In addition, the Electoral Tribunal will be able to discuss any challenges it is facing in carrying out the electoral process due to international partners withholding assistance or public support for the November elections.

The delegation will include the President of the Electoral Tribunal, Mr. Jose Saul Escobar Andrade, and his fellow magistrates, Enrique Ortez Sequeira, and David Andres Matamoros Batson.

I hope you are able to join us for this important discussion. If you have any questions, or to confirm your attendance, please contact Amber Garlock at or extension 6-8467.


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Ranking Member
Committee on Foreign Affairs

Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Member of Congress


Nell is 100000% RIGHT

Both Liberal and National Parties representatives to the "Tribunal Supremo Electoral" CAN NOT hold that office, legally speaking, because BOTH were serving public office before getting appointed to the TSE. Also Pinu member.



Enrique Ortez Sequeira, LP, was elected as "Regidor Municipal" to Tegucigalpa Municipality.

David Matamoros Batson, NP, was a congressman.

Denis Gómez, PINU, was an "suplente" deputy to Congress.

According to the "golpista" constitution, look at:
Article 52 #2, 203, 258.

TSE members illegally named

Members of the U.S. Congress should be made aware of this, especially because of the way it highlights the need for constitutional reform and accountability in Honduras:

The current members of the TSE were selected in violation of Honduran election law, which bars elected officials from serving on the tribunal while they hold office.

Feminist group Las Chonas on Oct. 4 or 5:

Otra de los argumentos para que no ir a votar a las próximas elecciones es que los nombramientos de los Magistrados del Tribunal Supremo Electoral: David Matamoros Batson, Enrique Ortez Sequeira y Denis Gómez representantes del Partido Nacional,
Liberal y PINU respectivamente son ilegales por cuanto fueron nombrados bajo la modalidad de repartición a que están acostumbrados en el Congreso Nacional en franca violación de la Constitución de la Republica y la Ley Electoral y de las Organizaciones Políticas tal , y como lo denunciáramos nosotras en su oportunidad.

Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle also mentioned this in his recent talk at Harvard posted here a week or so ago:

... [Zelaya] was forced to condemn the election, by Congress also, of the Electoral Tribunal, stacked with acting elected public officials, who legally could not assume that function.