Frank Mora lays out counterinsurgeny plan for Cuba

Democracy's nemesis, Frank Mora, is once again using FIU's pseudoacademic, SOUTHCOM-funded Latin American and Caribbean Center (which a colleague in Florida once aptly described to me as a gusanera) to promote counterinsurgency plans against Latin American democracy. See here for resources on FIU's "Strategic Culture" program to label all left-leaning countries in the hemisphere infantile and in need of (further) U.S.-led militarization, which would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous. Click the photo below to see the article titled WHINSEC may train Cuban students. And go to SOA Watch's website and read a little bit about SOA/WHINSEC if any of this sounds like hyperbole to you.

In this recent photo, personnel from School of the Americas (WHINSEC), join their hands together over cake before jubilantly shouting in unison, "Topple Democracy!"