Some Telesur appearances about Cuba

I had a couple gigs this past week as a Telesur talking head. I always cringe at my TV Spanish (I swear, it's usually better than this). The first, from March 31st, is missing the audio where I said "la obligación de" (in which I cast aspersion on Obamacare as part of a larger argument about negative vs. positive conceptions of human rights). The second wasn't posted (just got a screenshot), but focused on Obama's mega misstep in thinking that he'd be received as a hero at the Summit of the Americas because of his role in updating the US regime change strategy for Cuba, after blatantly lying about Venezuela's being a threat to national security (and admitting as much) in order to impose sanctions on the latter. My argument (by no means original): Latin Americans aren't as gullible as you think, Mr. President.