Member of official EU delegation denounces EU elections report

This morning at Toncontín Airport, Austrian anthropologist and documentary filmmaker Leo Gabriel, member of the EU's election observation team, spoke out against the EU's official whitewashing report. Another person on the inside who requested to remain anonymous told me that in fact the majority of the members on the EU observation delegation were not in agreement with the official statement claiming the elections were transparent and fair, but were afraid of losing their jobs and/or future lucrative observation opportunities if they spoke out.

EU observers arriving at the airport:

Leo Gabriel talking to the press:

Giorgio Trucchi, one of the journalists present, has already published an article about Gabriel's statement at Toncontín, including a partial transcript. I translate a segment below:

OM [Opera Mundi]: What were the irregularities you observed?
LG: I can attest to countless inconsistencies in the electoral process. There were people who could not vote because they showed up as being dead, and there were dead people who voted [my comment: a colleague refers to these elections as the elections of the zombies for the same reason]. It was also clear that there was a huge mess at the voting stations, where the hidden alliance between the small parties and the National Party led to the buying and selling of votes and [electoral worker] credentials [note: by law each party has the right to have an election worker at each mesa electoral or voting station, but as Gabriel notes, in many (perhaps a majority) of voting stations, the smaller parties sold their rights to the National Party].

During the transmission of the results there was no possibility to find out where the tallies where being sent and we received reliable information that at least 20% of the original tally sheets were being diverted to an illegal server that they kept hidden.

To speak of transparency after everything that happened last Sunday is a joke and I believe that, first and foremost, we observers have to be honest and portray what we have really seen.

OM: ¿Cuáles fueron las irregularidades observadas?
LG: Constaté un sinnúmero de inconsistencias en el padrón electoral. Hubo personas que no pudieron votar porque aparecían como fallecidas y hubo muertos que votaron. También fue evidente el gran desorden en las mesas de votación, donde la alianza oculta entre los pequeños partidos y el Partido Nacional originó compraventa de votos y de credenciales.

Durante la transmisión de los resultados no hubo ninguna posibilidad de averiguar hacia donde se enviaban las actas y recibimos informaciones fidedignas acerca del desvío de por lo menos un 20% de las actas originales hacia un servidor ilegal que las ocultó.

Hablar de transparencia ante todo lo que ha ocurrido el pasado domingo es un chiste y creo que, antes que nada, nosotros los observadores tenemos que ser honestos y reflejar lo que de verdad hemos visto.