U.S. Executives Arrested for Bribing Honduran Officials

US Executives Arrested for Bribing Honduran Officials
Wednesday December 22 Prensa Latina

Washington, Dec 21 (Prensa Latina) US Authorities arrested two executives of Latin Node Inc., a Miami-based telecommunications company, for bribing more with more than one million USD to Honduran officials for concessions with the Honduran Telecommunications Company.

Federal agents arrested in Miami its former chief executive officer Jorge Granados, 54, and vice-president of business development Manuel Cáceres, 64, according to a Justice Department statement.

Granados and Caceres are facing 19 counts for violating anti-bribery regulations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and money laundering to hide their actions, for which they are facing more than 20 years in prison if convicted, according to the official note.

The company Latin Node Inc. had an agreement in December 2005 with the Honduran government to operate between this country and the United States, but the US entrepreneurs sought a preferential treatment through bribes.



US Executives Arrested for Bribing Honduran Officials


Another take on this story

This website, Citizen News Agency, which I would guess (purely on a glance; no concrete evidence) is a US-funded influence operation, has a much fuller story that might be of interest. The picture at the top attempts to tie these arrests to Zelaya and Chavez although no such links have been established by the arrests. The story frames itself around vindication of Otto Reich and claims that he had inside knowledge of the investigation-- potentially a scandal if true. It also burnishes the reputation of Robert Carmona-Borjas of the Arcadia Foundation. CNA names Minister of Industry and Commerce, Jorge Rosa; former vicepresidente/manager/consultant Marcelo Chimirri, Jacobo Lagos and Oscar Danilo Santos as the recipients of bribes, although these are apparently not on public record yet.

I don't have any opinion about the case-- I suspect that with extensive enough wiretapping and an interest in doing so, one could convict almost every politician of something-- but the take on this case by CNA strikes me as interesting. Also, the fact that it claims to have much more extensive knowledge than the PL article you link could make this an interesting source to watch.